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We Found Our Debt FREE Home!

We became homeless on November 15th, 2018. As crazy as it sounds that was our plan. One of our main goals was to cut our monthly cost (little to no mortgage) so we had to sell our house (with a mortgage) to know what we could afford. We had a general idea what our budget would be but we needed to have the money in hand to be able to make a good offer on the next place. Not knowing how long we would be homeless with 2 little humans to worry about was probably the most stressful part of this journey so far. While we truly appreciate our family for welcoming us into their homes, it is a challenge not having your own space as a family of four. Having said that we would not be able to get to the next step of this journey without living with family and for that we are forever grateful!


We started the house hunt pretty much immediately going to North Myrtle Beach over Thanksgiving to house hunt beach condos. We *knew* the beach was absolutely where we wanted to be. We put in 2 offers and finally went under contract for a 2 bed, 2 bath

Beach Days! North Myrtle Beach, SC

resort condo with a great view of the Cherry Grove pier. As we began our due diligence we found out the resort was going to be adding on another building right across the street in front of our unit and would eventually block our view. While we were disappointed, we were so glad we found out when we did and we backed out of that contract. There were definitely mixed emotions of frustration and relief all at the same time. We knew it was best for us to move on.


It was time for another road trip and we spent Christmas in North Carolina. We stayed in Banner Elk & Beech Mountain. We had a wonderful white Christmas with our girls and took the opportunity to look at condos on Sugar Mountain & Beech Mountain. We started this journey looking for something different. For these native Floridians living on


top of a mountain definitely checks the "different" box. While we loved the idea of being beach bums, we weren't opposed to acclimating to Mountain Life! Our biggest concern was driving up and down a mountain in weather we are not used to, or just bad weather in general. Ultimately, we decided it was doable. With having part time/remote side hustles we wouldn't be forced to drive if weather conditions were not favorable. The Gomez crew was going for it! We made an offer on the unit we stayed in over Christmas but couldn't agree on terms. Another disappointment, especially since we were already back in Florida at this point. After a few weeks, we made an offer on another unit in the same complex. Before coming to terms, we had an offer given to us on a 3rd unit. That was a first, we couldn't say no to the unit or the price. We are so thrilled to be closing on a 2 bed, 2 bath mountain condo with fantastic views! We officially have a home to call our own again. It is not THE beach but it is Beech Mountain, we cannot wait to become a part of the community. The best part is we DO NOT have a mortgage! Finally getting settled in our new home will really make this dream feel like reality and we can truly settle in to our new full-time family traveling/exploring lifestyle.


Photos of the new digs will follow. We need to see it in person first before we can supply too many pictures. Big thank you to our realtor Jamie Campbell with APEX Realty ( for giving us a video tour of countless units!! We never expected to buy a home we had never seen in person but if this experience has taught us anything so far it is to expect the unexpected. We will still be finishing our last Florida travel tour before we transition to North Carolinians (is that how you say it?!). From there we look forward to exploring our local area and surrounding states as much as possible. Any suggestions on must see state parks, hiking trails, or any out door adventures we would love to hear from you. Any family or friends that don't mind house guest we would love to visit and explore with you as well!

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