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#GomezPartyof4! Takes on 2019

I am usually very excited about a new year. I don't have that same excitement about a fresh start this year. I was wondering why I was missing that feeling but as I started to think about the past year it all started to make since. Not only did we have a big year but we already had a pretty drastic fresh start. We are still working on that transition.

We really did have a wonderful 2018. We welcomed our second daughter to the world and she has completed our little family! At the beginning of the year we started a 2 year plan to make a lifestyle change and focus on enjoying life, our kids, and exploring the world around us. The timetable for that plan was accelerated when we noticed the housing market was on fire in our neighborhood. In just a few months we remodeled a kitchen, started selling furniture, & put our house on the market. In the middle of November we closed on our house and my husband retired very early from the fire service. So yeah, it was a big year!


We were able to take two road trips after becoming a full time family. We just finished a second trip & house hunt, this one in #BeechMountain NC. While we have a few places that we are very interested in purchasing, nothing is final as of yet. This goes with out saying but our biggest goal for 2019 is closing on our #downsized home. Having our own space again will be heaven! While moving in with family was part of our plan it is not the same as having your own space. Finding and moving into our new place will really make it feel like we are truly #livingthedream! Not only will we have a home base with a view that will feel like a daily vacation but we can start exploring our new neighborhood, state, surrounding states, and on, and on.

Permanent vacation

To get more in the "new year, new you" spirit I decided to watch a documentary about Minimalism. I am so glad we did! It was so refreshing to listen to stories of people on a similar path and mind set. If you have ever considered some form of a downsized or

minimalist life I would highly recommend watching! *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, this is an affiliate links* I definitely think it helped me to re-focus on our goals and prioritize what is most important. It never hurts to re-evaluate your goals and your plan to reach those goals. It can be so easy to go off course and not even realize it. For us that means focusing on homes that will give us true financial freedom and ultimately less stress and more time. Whatever your goals are it is never to late to make a plan, re-adjust your plan, or even start from scratch if needed. Stay positive and good luck in the new year!

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