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Full Time Family - Our American Dream

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to completely switch gears? Take a leap of faith into a new adventure? Us too! Don't get me wrong, we have a great life and to an outsider I am sure they would think we already live the supposed "American Dream". You know.... the nice house in a great neighborhood, nice cars, beautiful kids with tons of energy and toys to match, even a hunky firefighter husband! It really doesn't get much better than that....or does it?


Who decided we needed all of this stuff (and space) to be happy or that making a lot of money was the only way to be "successful"? We decided not to buy into that mind set anymore (not that it is a bad thing), it is just not the most important thing in life for us. We want something more, something different. So we are taking a leap of faith and hope to show our girls the world (or at least the US in the short term). We plan to focus on traveling and experiences, while learning about new things, people, & cultures. All the while getting to do these things as a family of four, not waiting to accrue PTO or holding out for retirement to live our best lives. With our daughters, Austen (2, almost 3) & Ashlynn (7 months) in tow we know there will be some challenges but look forward to expanding their world. It does make it easier to make such a drastic change while they are still young and not yet in school.


We have watched in envy of other families living these amazing adventurous lives, finally we decide why not us? After a lot of research and discussion we are taking the plunge and downsizing in every since of the word. Most importantly our monthly expenses so we don't have to depend on either of us holding a full time job to survive comfortably. We will absolutely be making sacrifices but we think this new lifestyle will far out way any of the material things we are leaving behind.

What we thought would be our forever home

We decided to put our house on the market earlier than originally planned, our neighborhood was selling like hot cakes and we definitely did not want to miss the boat! After one week, 8 showings and 3 offers we had sold our house and the once long term plan quickly became our near future. Thank goodness because keeping a house clean with 2 little people to clean up after is a full time job all on its own! We close on our home in just over a week and we will be staying with family until we find our new home base (most likely coastal South Carolina). It is a bit intense selling all of your belongings and only packing the necessities but liberating all at the same time. Going from a 2,100 square foot home to a 1,000 square foot condo will be another adjustment and part of the journey but we are ready to take it on as a family.

Ocean views here we come....because if not now, then when?

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Best wishes on your adventure of a lifetime!

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