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In Search of Our Downsized Life

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

The adventure continues....we are officially homeless (or in between homes) and are on the search for our downsized home and new life! We decided to spend the Thanksgiving holiday house hunting. Since we are looking in the city of North Myrtle Beach (NMB), which is a high tourist area, we wanted to take full advantage of the off season. Condo hunting in a new city with 2 little humans has its challenges to say the least. I will say, while we have endured a few meltdowns the girls have done really well considering we basically set them up for failure. I mean 8 condos in one day, who does that with a 2 year old and 7 month old?! You can only bribe them with so much ice cream!


We are very thankful to be taking Thanksgiving day off and enjoying the time as a family. We have enjoyed new traditions; spending the morning on the beach (in jackets), building sand castles and looking for shells. We also found a local park that was full of kids. Our social butterfly, Austen, made quick friends. While we miss hosting Thanksgiving and spending it with extended family I am not complaining about a low key day with a delicious stress free turkey dinner. That's right folks, instant mashed potatoes! We did spring for homemade mac n cheese since that is pretty much the only thing I cook that the whole family actually enjoys.


We have seen quite a few condos so far.... not going to lie we have questioned our entire plan at times during this process. Have we chosen the right area? Will we find what we want? Do we need to reevaluate what we want and where? So far we love the NMB area so we don't want re-evaluate on the location. While we have seen some units that could be a possibility we have not seen any that really made us stop and think this is the one. Our plan has always been to downsize. However, finding a balance of downsizing while not being cramped and having the view we are hoping for is proving to be a more daunting task than we anticipated. This on top of staying within our very specific budget is a true balancing act. We are lucky to want the same thing so while it has been frustrating there has been no fighting/bickering. Which is pretty much a miracle for the circumstances! We are completely in agreement that we are not going to settle! It has to be right for our family and our new life, even if that means waiting for the right place to come on the market. Although, having already sold our house and moving in with your parents/in laws does give you a slight since of urgency!! Love you Mom and Dad! While we have had some disappointment during the search we are still very excited and hopeful the right place is out there. A few more days of searching.....

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