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Our Story...


We were your typical suburban family, big house in a great neighborhood. With two kids our Friday nights consisted of adult beverages and HGTV (after the kids went to bed). Life was busy, Brant was gone every third day on shift as a firefighter. After our oldest was born I tried to go back to work full time but I felt like I was missing everything I wanted to enjoy as a Mom. I fortunately was able to move to a part time, super flex role with my company. This was everything I wanted! Soon after came baby #2, which was a game changer. How do people have more than two kids?! I know, I know 3 is not that much different. I am not buying it so we will stick with two.


After every HGTV show we would watch inevitably we would say, one day we will do that. Or what do they do to get a job in another country? That is when it clicked why can't we do something adventurous, maybe even a little crazy, if it is going to make us happy. We started making a plan and researching areas that had a lower cost of living but lots to offer in an outdoor lifestyle. Before we knew it we sold our house, Brant retired (early) from the fire service, we moved in with family and 4 months later were living in Beech Mountain, NC in our downsized condo. 


I don't think anyone could have planned for a global pandemic appropriately. A full-time family included. While we were not new to working from home and managing that time around our kids, we certainly were not prepared for limited travel or the local rec center closing, leaving no escape or extra space. Our 1,000 square foot condo suddenly felt very small. Even though we had just completed renovations to be able to rent it out while we traveled we knew we needed a change. With the uncertainty of how long the pandemic would last we wanted just a little extra space. After much searching and 2 weeks without a home we landed in Jamestown, NC. Read our blog post for all of the exciting and sometimes stressful details.


We are still living our dream. Spending time as a family, having adventures, traveling when we can, exploring and teaching our girls there is more to life than just stuff! We made a plan and sacrificed quite a bit to get here but we do not regret our decision for a second. Even with the unexpected twist and turns. I am a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason". While my background in photography has been in portraits we are excited to add nature photography to our portfolio and make it a family project!

If you are in the Jamestown area we are also happy to schedule a family session or help you with your Real Estate Photography needs.


Live the life you love because if not now, then when!


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